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Born in Hastings, Nebraska on Tuesday May 19 
Arrived at 10:36 A.M. 
Weight: 6LB 4oz
Eye color: Dark Blue
Hair color: Black

May 21, 1998

First Day Home
   Went to Danita's Head Start Program@ Clay Center Park

June 2, 1998
Bathed In Tub
July 1998
August 1998
First time Kyle Slept through the Night

First Time He Laughed Out Loud

First Time to Eat Solid Food
September 23, 1998
Aunt Christy Gave Him $5.00
 $2.50 For Pissing on Grandma 
 $2.50 For Puking on Grandma
November 1998
First time Kyle sat up Alone
December 1998
First time He rolled over

Spoke his first word Ma Ma
January 1999
First time Kyle Crawled
Febuary 1999
Kyle waved Bye-Bye
March 1999
First Time He Stood all by himself
March 24. 1999
Took his first step from Grandma to Mom
April 1999
Drank from a cup
April 1,1999
Your First Tooth
April 8, 1999

Second Tooth

April 9, 1999
Climed to the top of the stairs all by himself

Also walked around 7 to 8 ft to daddy
June 1999
First time he Danced-Very Cute
July 18, 1999 @3:15 P.M.
Kyle Climed up 4 stairs and fell. Daddy picked him up and when u raised your head Daddy's chest was full of blood. When mommy looked you had lost both bottom teeth.
August 8,1999
Fell off a bucket and hit Jeanies coffee table and had to get 5 Stitches
December 13, 1999
First Hair Cut
Passed away on June 04, 2006 at the age of 8.
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